I had the idea to launch this campaign after hearing about the heartbreaking stabbing that impacted Boise’s refugee community. There were 9 victims, including 6 young children. A three-year-old, Ruya Kadir, lost her life.


As a person of faith, and an Idahoan, I knew I had to do something to show her community that such unspeakable violence does not characterize the place they now call home. These families came to the United States in search of peace and, in some small way, I want to try to restore what was stolen from them.


I was inspired by LDS Charities (associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). More specifically, I was moved by their efforts to provide Yazidi refugees with the means necessary to replenish and make their sacred articles of clothing. This concrete action was a powerful symbol of support, and I want to do something similar. I'm so thrilled to be at the helm of this project and would love to work with anyone interested in participating.


The Reason

To send a message of love and support

On June 30th, a tragic stabbing took the life of three-year-old Ruya Kadir. It also caused life-changing injuries for eight others. Of the nine victims, six were twelve-years-old or younger. All were members of the refugee community in Boise, Idaho. These individuals fled their homes in search of safety, only to find the devastating effects of violence in their place of refuge. We want to send the message that an assault on their faith is an assault on liberty for, and we will not stand for it. Rugs for Refugees (#R4R) is a campaign that is meant to create tangible symbols of love and inclusivity.

"Take the initiative to become involved, to step forward, to be a voice for the innocent among us, to be a voice for those that don't always have a voice, for the most vulnerable populations that exist."


-Bill Bones; Boise Police Chief-

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The Goal

To create prayer rugs for Muslim refugees

One of the pillars of Islam is Salah or prayer. This fundamental practice requires Muslims to prostrate themselves before God, facing the holy city of Mecca. One of the only requirements of Salah is that the individual prays in a clean space, thereby showing reverence for Allah. This is why prayer rugs are often used by Muslims. It essentially allows adherents to bring their clean place with them, thereby allowing them to practice their faith wherever they are.


The Muslim refugee community in Boise fled violence and tragically found it in their new home. Unfortunately, this is a story that has manifested itself in many ways around the globe. At Closed to Close, we want to show our support. We want to send the message that people of all backgrounds have the right feel safe. While we send our thoughts and prayers, we also feel the necessity of showing our support in tangible ways. 


Our goal, then, is to create symbols of love and inclusivity in the form of prayer rugs. We want to provide a space where practicing one's faith is possible. 


The design of prayer rugs is often inspired by the weavers and the community in which they are created. We invite participants to send the message that refugees are part of the communities we're creating by contributing 5inx5in tiles– quilted, knitted, printed, or otherwise created– to be used as borders on prayers rugs we'll be giving to Muslim refugees.


THe Roles

Everyone can contribute. Click on the images below to find out how.


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