Closed to Close is proud to present the Salt Lake City Refugee Fair. This one-of-a-kind event will celebrate refugees and their cultures while introducing them to their new community. Find out how to get involved, here.



We believe in the power of a community to come together and face their most difficult challenges. We have created resource guides designed to empower motivated groups to host conversations in their community. Thus far, we have a kit available for university students and are developing high school curriculums to prepare teenagers to interact with civility and purpose. We invite you to reach out and learn more. 

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Monks in Thailand
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Meditation by the sea
Indian Bride and Groom
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We interview people of different faiths, asking the same questions, for one reason: We want to eliminate the distance between religion. Our differences and complexities aren’t insignificant, but beyond that, is our shared pursuit of the Divine. That power that pushes mankind past our ugliest parts and into the holiest realms of humanity. We're inviting people into their neighbor's sacred places in the hopes that we recognize our own.


In the US, religious liberties are under attack. For much of the rest of the world, the freedom of faith has yet to be found. As believers, we have an obligation to raise our voices in support of the right others have to practice their religion so that our own will be secured. When one faith group is denied that right, people of all religious persuasions ought to feel undermined. We encourage you to get involved.


We want to spread the message that there is hope. We fully recognize that there is a multitude of people whose focus it is to be divisive and destructive to the cause of religious liberty. However, there is another group, made up of people like you, who care about the sincerely held beliefs of others. Hold to your hope that this is the group that will win in the end. Not through hate or fear-mongering, but by faith.


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